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to the Future
of Submetering.

"Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication"

- Clare Boothe Luce

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Easiest Installation Experience

Two-Way Communications

Longest Wireless Range in Class

Refreshingly Simple

Native Mobile Apps

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Take control of rising utility costs by installing a NextCentury Submetering System. Billing residents for their exact utility consumption can ensure your company is recapturing all of the residential utility expense in your community.

M201 Meter

These NTEP Certified Meters come in both hot and cold water models. Combine this with its full 3/4" lightweight design, reliable multi-jet technologies, and pre-wired pulse AMR connector, and you have the water metering solution of the future.


With the longest range in class, two-way communications, and five to seven years standard battery life, we have proven that big things can come in small packages.


We worked with some of Silicon Valley's brightest wireless designers to create one of the highest-powered wireless devices in the market. The result is a more reliable and simple installation experience.


Ethernet, wifi and cellular connectability, data back-up, and compatibility with legacy technologies currently in the field make the Gateway truly part of the Future of Submetering.

The NextCentury Mobile App

A Powerful Network Analyzer

An Equipment Programmer and Locator

A Technician's Best Friend

Scan any device to learn everything about it

Robust Alert Notifications

Leak Detection

Freeze Detection

Low Battery

Power Loss

Custom Reporting





Powered by the Cloud

Access Anytime Anywhere

Cloud Storage

Integrate with our RESTful API

About Us

We believe that it is time to bring sub-metering into the NextCentury. Metering equipment and systems should work efficiently instead of creating frustration and unnecessary expense.

We provide exactly what you need: full-featured, dependable equipment and systems at reasonable prices.

We have worked with users in every step of the design process to provide equipment that is the easiest to install and maintain.

Welcome to the Future of Submetering.

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