Set-up Property Layout



Locating Layout Tab

Click on " Layout".

Property Layout View

Select Utility Type

Click on the image of the desired Utility Type you wish to begin working on (if multiple Utility Types are programmed).

Creating New Building

Click on "+ Add Building".

Adding New Building Info

Enter the building name, a description (optional), and the number of units in the building. Then click on "Add".

Auto Increment Feature

You can turn on or off the Auto Increment Feature by clicking the "" checkmark.

New Building

Multiple Buildings

Click the tabs on the left to select between multiple buildings.

Create Additional Unit

Ensure that you are on the building that you want to add a new unit to, then click on " + Add Unit".

Create Additional Unit

Enter the new unit's number or name and click "Save".

Create Additional Unit

The new unit will appear in the list with the other units in the building. The new unit will also be placed in its correct order in the list of units.

Editing Building

Click on " Edit Building".

Editing Building

Update name and description and then click on " Save Building".

Editing Unit Name

Click on the unit's name that needs to be changed. Enter new name and then click on " Save Building".

Removing Units

Click on the "" of the unit you want to remove, then click "Confirm".
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