The new NextCentury Platform arrives
April 22nd

The NextCentury platform is jumping ahead with an all-new web interface and mobile app on April 22nd. As part of this major software deployment, we have a few important dates for you to be aware of:

March 23rd to April 14th - Saturdays and Sundays

System Maintenance

What's happening: Server maintenance will be conducted over the coming weekends on Saturdays and Sundays. Over these weekends, some services may experience short periods of downtime.

Our Support Team will be on call if you are working in the Web Portal or mobile app over the weekend and experience any issues.

Friday April 19 - Sunday April 21 - Beginning 8:00 p.m. EST

New Platform Deployment - System Downtime

What's happening: Platform transition will be finalized over this weekend.

The current web system and mobile app will be retired. The mobile app will no longer accept user login, however, the new platform mobile app update will be available for immediate download and can be used beginning Monday morning.

The Web Portal interface will be down for most of this weekend. Programming and other property updates will not be possible during this time.

Our Support Team will be on call if you have property programming work that must be conducted during this time.

Monday April 22

New Platform Live

What's happening: New NextCentury Platform fully deployed!

A new NCSS Mobile App version will be available for download on the iOS and Google Play Store. This new update is required and the previous app version will no longer work.

Weekly Web Trainings

As we make the final preparations for releasing the new NextCentury Platform, we are offering Billing Manager training as well as Technician and Mobile App training. These classes are recurring every Tuesday and Thursday.

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NextCentury Platform Update




If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at Thank you!

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